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Synthetic teak decking for boats has been around for decades now and has become universally accepted as a great practical low cost alternative to teak. Among its many benefits is its ability to retain its original colour, its ease of maintenance and its unrivaled non slip qualities. Some of the bespoke versions are excellent and are offered as standard on many new boats, however there has never been a truly reliable, high quality easy to construct DIY version available... Until now!

We at Re-Teak believe that given the right materials and a little guidance, the average DIYer can produce professional looking, long lasting decks that will rival the top custom built products - at a fraction of their cost. Manufactured in England to the highest standards, Re-Teak is a revolutionary new concept in decking design, allowing a single extrusion to be either hot welded or caulked together. The registered design cleverly allows the novice to confidently weld sections together creating crisp clear caulk lines, dispelling the myths around the idea that hot welding is for experts only! Alternatively, if after watching the videos you still think welding is a little too ambitious; the same extrusion can be hand caulked in the traditional method.

Many decks can be constructed from a single Re-Teak extrusion, avoiding complicated 'lists' and numerous half used items. This keeps the price down, whilst not compromising on the quality. For those wanting to replicate the look of margined teak deck a wider section to cut shapes from and a connector strip are also available.

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